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Baseball Bats – How to Choose One What is the best baseball bat? When you just visited a sporting goods store, then this is fairly an easy question. Today, there are a lot of manufacturer that creates bats, unlike in the past wherein there is only one manufacturer that monopolizes the industry and that today, there are other options available aside from the wooden bats. Now that there are a lot of baseball bats manufacturers, each of them creates different bat compositions. It is also important that we know the reason why we buy baseball bats and that is to fully determine what is the best baseball bat for the players.
What Has Changed Recently With Bats?
There is still the standard wood bat that is available in the market, but there are also other 3 types of bats and they are categorized as Aluminum, Graphite/Titanium lined bats. So let us try to check each of them along with its pros and cons.
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Aluminum baseball bats are light weight and it helps the player have better control of the bat along with the bat speed with its hitting zone. This type of bat s great for players with age but also it are also good for those young players who want to learn the basic mechanic of hitting a baseball. There are several mixtures that increases that size of the bat’s sweet zone and these are zinc, magnesium, copper and aluminum and this also makes the bat more forging each time the player swings the bat and hits the ball hard. With this type of bat, it also makes the ball travel farther as compared to that of a traditional bats. The graphite/titanium lined bats are also aluminum bats but the aluminum material has been reduced on the barrel head and replaced it is graphite/titanium material. The aluminum bat is already light due to its material, but with the addition of the graphite and titanium the bat become more lighter thus it creates better bat control and increase bat speed through the hitting zone. Since the lining of the bat has been replaced with graphite/titanium, this also increases the durability of the bat and it also increases the bat’s integrity on its sweet spot. The intention of the manufacturer is to provide better control of the bat, but this is also the reason why this type of can are easily ruined. This is because of the increase bat speed through the hitting zone and thus it also increase the velocity and speed wherein the ball comes off the bat and this is a real safety issue concern for the infielder most especially the third base and the pitcher.