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What is Best to Use – Wooden Baseball Bat or Aluminum Baseball Bat? Joining leagues such as the College Student’s League, Little League, Professional League or Senior League, needs a baseball bat but the big question is, what type of bat you will use. And if you are already a baseball player, the question that comes into your mind is whether you choose an aluminum bat over a wood baseball bat. A very important information that you must know when you are into softball, little and senior league as well as college baseball, is that they all use the same bats that are all made up of aluminum. However, players that are into professional baseball prefer using bats that are made up of wood. Right now, it is a big question for you whether you choose the wood baseball or the aluminum baseball bat. That is why you must know the facts about these two bats for you to choose the right one that you truly need.
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Baseball bats differ in prices based on their quality and brand. For a professional player, choosing a baseball bat is definitely not a price issue but a “feeling” issue. Corked bats are not allowed in major baseball leagues while when you are in the professional league, only the wood bats are used. Maple, bamboo or hickory is also used to make bats but the most common is the use of ash to make the baseball bats. Since hickory bats are heavy, players mostly give up on using it. Nowadays, the maple bats are being used. This is because a maple bat is known to be durable and hard. There also players who prefer using the wood baseball bats because of the traditional feels and looks. There is a vastly different sound once the ball is being hit. Also, hearing the “crack” sound from the wood bat is assumed to be better rather than hearing the aluminum bat’s “ping” sound. When it comes to popularity, aluminum bats are also popular. You can see them being used in different baseball leagues except for the professional leagues. Why? This is because aluminum bats make the ball faster when hit. The basic reason is that aluminum bats are lighter so hitting the ball with strength will definitely bring it to greater distance. The reaction of the pitcher is often smaller because of the fierceness of the rebound of the aluminum bat. But overall, the choice of but to buy the baseball bat is still your personal decision. But in order to achieve the right strength, height, weight and size of the bat, you must go to a manufacturer that offers different customization of baseball bats.