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Factors to Consider when Selecting Diamond

It is little wonder that diamonds are termed as a girl’s best friend. It is glamorous and everyone would like to own a piece of it. Diamond are mineral resources mined from the earth’s crest. To discover more about the formation of diamond visit the web. Notably, some innovative manufacturer produce synthetic diamonds perhaps to meet the market gap of many individuals who wish to have diamonds but cannot afford the cost. many people adorn themselves in synthetic diamonds for security purposes. If such a person is robbed of a synthetic diamond item, they will not incur great loss. When buying a diamond, one should be careful not to be conned using the artificial diamonds. Visit the world wide web to discover more about the importance of artificial diamonds.

Diamond is graded using four important features. The features are recognized globally as the 4Cs. The Four Cs 4C the standard measurements of diamond used by the Gemological Institute of America GIA. The GIA provides a standard grade for most jewelry if not all. These standards are used to have a better scientific understanding of the precious stones as well as protecting those who invest in the stones. GIA is the institute responsible for grading diamonds globally. A piece of diamond that passes the grading test at the GIA laboratories is certified and given a unique GIA identifier number and a certificate. The certificate gives details of all the attributes of a specific stone. Check the web to discover more about the rich history and great contribution of GIA.

The four c describe the quality of the diamond stone by using the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight attributes. To discover more general tips by consulting the web.

The cut informs of how the diamond is molded. The shape of the diamond is meant to make it more attractive. The many shapes ensure each customer can buy the shape of their preference. Some diamond shapes include Asscher, emerald, round and square. The brightness and sparkle of a diamond are affected by their shapes.

Clarity refers to whether a diamond has a blemish or not. During the formation of the diamond in the earth’s crust, they incur imperfections. The flaws are commonly known as inclusions. The profoundness of the inclusion dictates the clarity grade. Diamond clarity is divided into eleven parts. The lowest grade is I3 which means the inclusions are profound and the best if flawless which indicated negligible inclusions. It is not easy to find a flawless diamond. If ever one comes across a flawless diamond they will have to pay top dollar to acquire it.

The third c is the color which is graded on a scale of D to Z. The most glamorous diamond has a crystal clear color and is rated as D while the worst color is brown tint and is rated Z. The last C is the carat which is used to determine the weight of the diamond. One carat of a diamond is equivalent to one-fifth of a gram. This is an important aspect when it comes to determining the cost of the diamond. Although large diamonds are rare, they would definitely cost more than the lighter ones. To discover more tips on the attributes of a quality diamond.